Day 9 in Korea (19 Oct 2016)

Today is DMZ Tour! We woke up at 530am to prepare and head out at 630am. We booked the tour 1 month in advance on Koridoor for our DMZ/JSA Tour which cost us 96000 won. Our tour information can be found here.
First up is the Joint Security Area (JSA).
We only had two choices for lunch: Bulgogi and Bibimbap. We chose one of each to share together.

After lunch, we went to Dorasan Station, Dora observatory and lastly, the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel.

We finish the tour and reach Camp Kim at 4pm after experiencing some traffic jam on the way back. Overall, the tour was worth an experience, for foreigners, it is recommend to go JSA as it is easier for us to visit there compared to Koreans.
After the tour, we went back to Hongdae area, and to cut our hair at Chop Hair Salon. They were a little busy and we did not made booking beforehand, so we left our names and went to walk around Hongdae. We went back to the salon at 6pm which was our booking time. They were quite efficient and finish cutting both of our hair at 7pm. The salon was great and service was excellent, however they only speak minimal English. Therefore it is better if you shown them a photo of the haircut you want. Cut and wash cost us 17000 won per person. After our haircut, we went to get our dinner near our guesthouse. Our dinner was actually what the Koreans eat after a hangover. However, we just ate it as a normal meal, and the soup was good.

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