Day 11 in Korea (21 Oct 2016)

Today we needed to rest more after the workout at Bukhansan, we only left the house at 11am to get brunch at Issac toast at Hongdae area. The toast was delicious and portion was filling.
It is our shopping day, first stop was Ewha University. It was their exam period,  and we could see encouragement messages stick on the walls.
After that, we went back to our guesthouse to leave our stuff before heading out to Myeongdong where we have our dinner and take the Namsan cable car (8500 won) up to N Seoul Tower where we catch a breathtaking night view of Seoul.
At 830pm, we proceed to do our shopping for facial products at Myeongdong. At Myeongdong, it is better to buy from shops that are located inside instead of the first few stores that are near the subway station. There was a money changer that had a good exchange rate for SGD to Won which is located in front of the embassy, they will need to see your passport so bring along your passport.
It was quite crowded on a Friday night at Myeongdong and there were a lot of street food which we only managed to try a few as we ate a very full dinner.
We got ourselves some warm drinks at Gongcha which were more expensive compared to Singapore outlets.
We waited for our friend to reach Myeongdong before having dinner, and took a cab home after that. Taking taxi in Korea, the fare goes by meter and every 140 seconds, the fare increases by 100 won. Regular cabs are orange or silver cars, black taxis are more expensive.

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