Day 7 in Korea (17 Oct 2016)

Seoul – Nami Island, Petite France, Itaewon

Early in the morning at around 545am KST, we woke up to get ready to head out for Nami Island. A place famous for the filming of Winter Sonata, a popular Kdrama when it was aired on TV. We left our house at 730am, and catch our ITX from Yongsan station. We booked the tickets on the first day we reached our Seoul accommodation. At 830am, the ITX train left Yongsan for Gapyeong, it was an hour ride which cost us 5200 won.


Next, we need to book the Gapyeong tour bus  which cost us another 6000 won. There are bus timings for the tour bus so it’s good to take note if you’re heading to Petite France and Garden of Morning Calm as well.  It is important to remember to keep your ticket as it is entitled for unlimited rides on the tour bus for the day.

We reached the wharf and took a ferry to Nami Island. The admisssion was 8000 won including the return ferry. We had to show our passport to get foreigner ticket price.

We caught the 1225pm tour bus from the same bus stop where we alighted, and proceed to Petite France. The admission price was 6000 won after using a discount coupon from VisitKorea. Petite France was quite a small place compared to Nami Island, hence 1 hour was sufficient to walk around the place.

At 150pm, we took the tour bus to Cheongpyeong Station where we will take our ITX train back.


Our train left Cheongpyeong at 239pm and head for Cheongnyangni Station. It was a 40 mins ride and cost us 3400 won.


At Cheongnyangni Station, we discover that there was a Lotte Mart, so we went to shop for snacks.


At 4pm, we took the metro to Itaewon where we had an expensive dinner at a Italian restaurant. We also passed by a LINE shop at Itaewon.

After dinner, we head back to our guesthouse to put our stuff and proceed to Hongdae to do some shopping.


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