Day 5 in Korea (15 Oct 2016)

Busan -> Seoul

We are going by KTX instead of flight as it will take us around the same duration. It is cheaper to take KTX, and we don’t have to worry about delay as the train is very punctual. It is advised to pre-book the KTX one month in advance before you leave for Korea. We had breakfast and chill in the morning at our accommodation.


We check out from our accommodation at 1130am, and took the metro to Busan Station where we will take the KTX. We collected our tickets using our passport at the information counter, and had our lunch there.


The KTX from Busan to Seoul took around 2hrs 30 mins, and it is very punctual and will only stop at the stations for 2-5 mins. Hence, it is advised to be early at the platform when taking KTX, we personally witness a lady who fail to board the KTX at the last minute, and no, the train did not stop to pick her up.

We reached Seoul Station at around 3.30pm and took the metro to our accommodation, which is a guesthouse with breakfast provided. Our guesthouse is called Lee&No , located at 561-29, Yeonnam-dong Seoul, Mapo-gu 03988 South Korea. There were washer and dryer at the guesthouse as well, we spent around an hour to wash and dry our dirty clothes. The dryer was charged at 1000 won for every 10 mins, and also operating hours for the laundry room.

At around 6.30pm, we left our guesthouse and head to Banpo Bridge where there is water show from 7.30pm to 9pm, with an interval of 30 mins. We had our dinner at the Express Bus Terminal Station and did some shopping before the show.

The water show was a disappointment to us as it did not turn out as nice as the photos on the internet. It could be partially due to our lack of talent in photography. We did not took very fantastic photos, but it was an experience for us.



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