Day 12 in Korea (22 Oct 2016)

We had our last breakfast provided by our guesthouse and pack our luggage. We check out and took the All-Stop Train AREX to Incheon Int’l Airport. We store our luggage there for 10000 won per luggage. At 1pm, we had lunch at the airport and bought the Ollehwifi ID password from the convenience store.
We head to where the Song Triplets live, who became famous through The Return of Superman, a korean variety show. It is called the Songdo Central Park. The place was filled with families, either just taking a stroll, cycling or camping there. There was also a deer farm there, but be prepared that there are a lot of files there as well.
We had dinner at Incheon Chinatown which is famous for Jajangmyeon.
At 615m, we were too tired and head back to the airport to stay-over for the night. Our flight was 9am the next morning, and we wanted to experience 24 hour sauna but the plan was cancelled at the end.

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