Day 4 in Korea (14 Oct 2016)

Today we set out to explore Busan! Our Busan airbnb does not includes breakfast, so we went out for breakfast at Krispy Kreme at Seomyeon Station Underground Center. They have fewer variety of doughnuts compared to Singapore stores, however it is cheaper. It cost 1300 won per doughnut. However, their latte was quite bad, they added too much milk, my travel buddy said.


After our breakfast, we set off to take metro to Nampo Station where we will walk to our first stop, Busan Tower and Yongdusan Park. We came out from Exit 5 of Nampo Station and walk to the park.

Busan Tower and Yongdusan Park were a visit for those going Busan. We took nice photos of the scenery before heading off.

Second stop is Taejongdae Recreation Area. Sadly, during our trip, the observatory is closed due to renovation till completion which is planned for December 2016. We bought the Danubi Train tickets for 2000 won per person. We only got down at Yeongdo Lighthouse, then took the next train and went back to the platform.

Danubi Train Course
Platform→ Taejongsa Temple → Yeongdo Lighthouse → Observatory → Gumyeongsa Temple → Taewon Jagal Madang → Platform

(Reference from

After Taejongdae Park, we went to get lunch at BIFF Square. We ate the famous Ssiat Hotteok, which is filled with various types of seeds, and it has sweet filling inside and crispy on the outside. It cost 1200 won.


And we also tried this big fishball with cheese filling, which cost 2000 won.


There is a street nearby where a lot of stalls were selling the same things – kimbap, sundae and noodles.

After we have fill our stomachs, we travel to Gamcheon Culture Village. Upon reaching the entrance, we bought the map of the village which cost 2000 won per piece. We can collect 9 stamps at various stops of the village and redeem two postcards. Follow the fishes on the wall which are there to guide tourists around the place.

Be prepared to climb a lot of steps and slopes in at Gamcheon, we took around 2 hours to finish walking as we stopped to take photos and go to the places to get our stamps. Before moving onto to the next location, we rest at a nearby cafe where we could see the landscape of the whole village.


Last stop before heading back to our accommodation, we went to see the the music fountain show at Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dream. There was only one show timing on weekdays during October, which is 730 pm. So we went to the area earlier to have our dinner nearby and got ourselves seats for the show. It is recommended to go there earlier to get seats as limited chairs  are set up for the show. The show was awesome and it was definitely worth a watch . It could be colder at night due to the wind, so remember to bring a jacket along to watch the show.



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