Day 3 in Korea (13 Oct 2016)

Today, we’re leaving Jeju for Busan. We woke up early at 830am to get ready and check out. Then as usual, an hour bus ride, bus 710 to Jeju Bus terminal, and transfer to bus 755 to Jeju Int’l Airport. We had our lunch at the airport, and tried their abalone porridge and black pork. The abalone porridge tasted average but the spicy pork goes well with the porridge.


We waited for a while till we finally boarded our plane, which departs for Busan. Apparently there was some airport connection issue for Busan Air that day, and it happened to be our flight that was affected and cause a delay for 25-30 mins. We reached Gimhae Int’l Airport around 3pm, and took the metro to Seomyeon Station.

Our Busan Accomodation was a whole apartment at Bujeon-dong 466-4 동양빌 303호(Dongyang vil) Busanjin-gu, Busan 614-041 South Korea. We booked it through airbnb, and the host told us the password for the house door beforehand. There were clear instructions on how to use the washing machine and heater which comes in handy for foreign tourists.

We were hungry from the flight and all, and walked to the nearby Changseondong Meokja Golmok/”Let’s Eat” alley where we ate street food. I didn’t managed to take a snap of the food as I was busy eating away.

After filling up our empty stomachs with some food, we set off to explore Busan, first stop was Gwanganli Beach, famous for their night view of Gwangan Bridge which lights up beautifully. We had chicken and beer at a nearby restaurant and enjoyed the scenery.



And that’s all for day 1 at Busan.


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