Day 2 in Korea (12 Oct 2016)

We left our hotel at 545am, and took us less than 45 mins to reach the Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak. However the sky was cloudy and we couldn’t see the sun.

It was a great training experience for us before we climb Bukhansan in Seoul. And the scenery is something you won’t get to see in Singapore, it was worth the climb up.

After we take photos, we reach the bottom and got our breakfast at Paris Baguette Cafe. And their cups are so cute so we couldn’t resist but to take a photo.

We returned to our hotel and bought 2L of water from GS25 for our consumption. Tap water in Korea is not safe for consumption even if boiled, so remember to buy bottled water from convenience stores which are as cheap as 700won for 2L.

After preparing our stuff, we head out for more sightseeing places around Jeju. First stop was Jeongbang Waterfalls.

Second stop was Cheonjiyeon Waterfalls.

For teenagers aged 13-24, it is 1000 won per person for both waterfalls admission. Remember to bring your passports, if not adult tickets cost 2000 won for each waterfall admission. My travel buddy prefer Jeongbang Falls as it falls directly to the ocean and closer to the sea. Both waterfalls were beautiful in their own ways to me.

After visiting the waterfalls, we head to Innisfree Jeju house and O’Sulloc Tea House Museum.

My travel buddy tried the soap making DIY at Innisfree, which was quite fun for those who love to use soap bar or for gifts for friends.

We tried the green tea ice cream at O’Sulloc Cafe and the matcha taste was just nice.

We head out after finishing the ice cream, we supposedly have had to wait for quite some time for the bus. However a friendly taxi driver approach us at the bus stop saying that it was only cost 5000 won to get us to the T-junction where we will take another bus.

We took the taxi and it cost us 4800won, and we managed to catch the arriving bus which bring us to Seogwipo 5-day Market where we had our dinner. The entrance of the market is shown in photo below.

We had to head back early to catch our last bus, as only bus 701 can take us back to our hotel. We went to Seogwipo Intercity Bus Terminal earlier in order not to miss our bus.


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